How to Start a Website and The Secret to Launching Before Your Next Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me

Why did I start this website and why it launched by my birthday.

I am convinced that this year is going to be competing with some of my top years of living. Especially the timeframe of 2011-2017, babies-marriage-careers are hard to compete with but I have a good feeling about 2018. New goals and the family is healthy & growing- Life is good.

Goal setting is important to me and I thrive better when I’m working towards something. I juggled with the idea of getting my Master’s or a specific certification to support my RD credential, but this website idea had a potential for a wide reach and was seemingly attainable financially.

Birthdays seem like a good day to mark things off your bucket list- so here we go!

Where did this whole website concept come from?

For a while now, I’ve had idea after idea of passion projects I wanted to start on the side. I love my current job but a lot of folks have a little side hustle and that intrigued me. The process goes like this…. 

This is the creative process (see left)… Then it morphs into writing out an action plan on paper basically figuring out if this will be worth the time spent or a time suck. The ideas never came to fruition.

Three months ago, the insane idea to start a website as a way to channel my nutrition-related ideas popped into my head. It’s crazy if you think about it that when you have a passion, you make time to prioritize this “thing” that is filling your bucket so to speak. I took to YouTube to feel out this whole blogging thing.

How I started this website in three short months, with three kids, & a full-time job.

I drive A LOT for work and the time spent in the car often goes towards a good podcast (specifically Pat Flynn these days) or audible book. These “fringe” hours were really important in setting the foundation for understanding how to create a dang website! Specifically, when you don’t have that kind of background, Organic chemistry is not compatible with Word press (yes that’s a bad computer nerd joke).

The biggest resource that impacted my ability to ACTUALLY EXECUTE this site was the videos available on Create & Go. There is a lot of information out there for blogging, kind of like nutrition & food, but what really helped was the action plan and direction that these courses provide.

Bottom line- If you want to create a website or start a blog buy this course early because you will absolutely get it started faster than if you start digging into the World Wide Web. Be efficient with your time so you can focus on the bigger blocks.

I would get stuck on an issue, get frustrated and resort to writing a blog post instead of tending to the site customization. This was great because I had plenty of content for when I did launch my site.

What happened 24 hours after launching my blog What the F? Mikala

  • Lots great feedback and tweaks made from friends and family
  • I made a sale! Officially became a “paid” blogger and it wasn’t from someone I’m related to.
  • 1,100 site visits

These are small accomplishments that I will forever celebrate as huge victories. I started something and was able to execute a project I proudly stand by.

Next steps…

  1. Pinterest is going to be the marketing platform for my site. My meal plan and recipes should do really well there from a search perspective. I want strangers to find my posts!
  2. Continue working with breweries and distilleries to create boozy (better-for-you) recipes
  3. Start working with homebrewers to see how they like to cook healthy recipes with their beer. Email me at Mikala@whatthefmikala.com if you have a recipe you’d like to share.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

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  1. Well done Mikala! I am also a mother of 2, not in a full-time job, but still I do not know where to start. I have a lot of content, material and ideas but fear of jumping into blogging. I love the goal setting strategy. Good luck with it and all the best from Switzerland!

  2. Post


    If I can do it, you can do it! (SERIOUSLY) Have you looked into the Create and Go courses? That helped organize my approach big time. I counted it towards “continuing education” to justify the spend. These are all valuable skills to have. Even for a Dietitian, science background like I have.

    Don’t be scared and have fun with this new endeavor! What is your niche?

  3. Hey Mikala,

    I just stumbled across your website after watching your video with create and go. Your website is great and I´m in love with the name ;-)) Very unique and funny at the same time.
    One year ago I decided to get a certificate in nutrition (still in progress) and I also started a blog. There are so many things I want to do with it in the future and I´m having fun working on it.
    I´m always excited to find new nutritionists and see how they grow their business 🙂

    Best wishes from Munich,

    1. Post

      That’s amazing, Simone!

      I checked out your site and it is beautiful, too. Good work, lady! Thank you for taking to time to reach out and share. You know as much as I do the hard work behind the scenes. It’s nice to get some love for it!

      Let’s keep in touch and share successes!

  4. Hi Mikala!

    First off, we’re practically neighbors. I’m out in the Hill Country 🙂

    I hear ya on Alex and Lauren. I absolutely love them and trust them completely, and definitely THE people to learn from.

    I am thrilled for your success! 🙂

    Very curious about within the 1st 24hrs, you:

    > I made a sale! Officially became a “paid” blogger and it wasn’t from someone I’m related to.
    >1,100 site visits

    I can see how 1100 visits made a sale, but how/where the heck did you get 1100 within 1st 24 hrs?!

    Luv, darlene
    p.s. since you seem to love beer (haha) thought I’d share friend on mines son just bought property on Main St. in Fredericksburg to open brewery!!

    1. Post

      Darlene! Neighbor! Thanks for reaching out. Sorry it took so long to reply. My boys have been home all week with 103 temps. I think we are getting through it though!

      When I launched my site, I went to my social accounts and groups within Facebook and shared my new passion project with everyone (basically a post w/ the link to my site). So my traffic was driven by those actions.

      That is so cool about your son, what is his brewery name? Would love to showcase his crafts with a healthy recipe. 🙂

  5. Also came here from Create and Go Video, and loving the couple articles I have read so far! Good luck with future endeavors!

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