About Me

Hello World! My name is Mikala Guillaume and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Let me share a little about myself.

Currently, I have the privilege of working in the retail setting. Being a Supermarket RD I’ve developed a passion for real food solutions. The number one request from folks coming to see me in a consultation is related to food and meal planning help.

“Tell me what to eat” or “Write me a meal plan”

I see a lot of weight loss and a lot of diabetes. Even individuals without the latter come to see me for general healthful nutrition advice. Most days, the trek to the consultation is tough so I decided to provide support in blog form!

The common denominator between every interaction is EVERYONE HAS TO EAT and we make A LOT of decisions surrounding food, 300+ to give you an idea. That is why these posts will provide you with fresh, fun, and functional ways to plan and feed yourself and/or your family in a healthful way.

Mother of Three

I’m pretty proud of this, y’all.

Adelynn– my angel. She is my little mama. Super helpful, sweet as sugar, and a future dietitian. Adelynn is all hands on in the kitchen and willing to help with her “two stinky brothers” at the end of the day.


Cohen– who thinks his name is Bubba. The biggest blue eyes that melt your soul. This kid is a joker, all about his big sister, and let’s just say he was made for the middle child job.


Deaglan (pronounced Deck-lan)- He will probably hate us for that. Our little observer. This guy possesses the best qualities of #1 and #2.


Rugby wife


I saved the best for last. This is my husband Tim- Military Veteran who served overseas in Afghanistan and Germany. My self-proclaimed life efficiency coach and handsome rugby player spouse. He eats absolutely anything and everything that goes in front  of him. Everyone needs a Timothy!